bryson & marlee



Fact: sometimes it takes me wayyy longer than it should to get with it.

Take blogging, for example.

And a list of other things that at this time i choose not to discuss.

But alas, we are here! and by here, i mean both the blog world and our new home…..PHOENIX AZ!!!!!!!!!!!


isn’t it beautiful!!!!!! if you can’t tell, i highly suggest you come visit us. really…please…come visit us.

Anyhoooo, since we have been away for so long……

here is a description of events to date:

The 3rd wknd in Feb., Mom, Jacee, and i had our last hoo-rah together which was, of course, AMAZING. i’m grateful to know some remarkable people who live honest and open lives. i have especially learned a great deal from these two women. they are beautiful. i’m happy they’re family.


idk what kind of face that is. also mom and jace, props for having white teeth. 

The following Monday, i had my wisdom teeth removed. the ensuing image is sick, but i am always a sucker for sympathy. the overall experience was 50% as painful as the extracted teeth may lead you to believe.


I stayed home most of that week while my super-mom nursed me back to health. on Thursday, i drove myself back to Ft. Worth and reunited with my amazing husband.

That entire wknd was a blur. i had a much needed date with two more ridiculously fantastic women. we took a photo to commemorate the night, but it was a royal bust. of all of us, even though we’re all good looking. so it has been omitted.

That Sat., Bryson’s awesome mama generously gave us an opportunity to make some cash by raking leaves in her biggg yard.

Bryson found this:


EEEEEEEEEEK! that would be a snake.

The next day was Sunday, and we attended our last service @ Paradox Church, downtown Ft. Worth. wish we had been there longer to really plug in. it served us greatly by consistently reminding us of the Gospel of Jesus! Pastor Jim and the crew are a deeply Christ-centered bunch. he’s also a good teacher. i especially loved the ecclesiastes series he preached through. you can listen to his sermons here:

Monday & Tuesday basically consisted of packing. in the words of my new friend brianne errett: “packing just makes me feel like a hoarder.”



Wednesday Feb 29th, my parents met us at our apt in Ft. Worth and helped load boxes into my dad’s big covered trailer.

I don’t have a picture of that, but it was jam packed.

Thursday the 1st, we gassed up and began the journey to Phoenix. A whopping 17 hour trip.


On this trip:

We each experienced an avg. of 10 really good leg cramps.

My car died in Las Cruces, NM. My saintly parents stayed behind and waited till the morning to find a mechanic that could give Jenna (my car) a diagnosis. Bryson and I drove his truck straight into Tuscon, AZ and stayed the night.

Jenna was raised back to life thanks to a new alternator, and by midday on friday my parents got back on the road…my dad hauling the trailer and my mom in my car. there are times in life when you realize you will never be able to repay your parents for all they have done & do for you…..this trip was one of those times.

They got there just in time to drop off our stuff to the storage, meet the crew, and then  head back. :(((((((((( we’re not going to talk about that anymore. it was awful. i can’t wait till Christmas.

This brings me to the Erretts.

Wow, the Erretts.

First of all….look at them!!



yes. they are as awesome as they seem.

As Bryson and i were desperately looking for an affordable place to live so that we could make the move to Phoenix, the Errett’s called and offered to share their home with us for a couple of months while we continued to raise support to find our own apt. crazy. they are crazy. and already one of our favorite families in america.

Corey is our “life pastor” @ Life 180. he will pastor people who have no lives. jk. that was cheese. but really, he’s awesome and freakin hilarious. great dad, loves his wife, and has such a shepherd’s heart. he and his wife Brianne both desire to see people experience changed lives because of an encounter with Jesus. they are big on community, and have set such a great example of that by choosing to invite me and b into their lives. we are SO thankful to them for helping us out.

Did i mention they have three ridiculously beautiful little boys? i am smitten with each of them. totally whipped. true story: today Bri was watching home videos of the kids and i started crying. hahhahaha. what the heck. so happy i know them now, but i hate that i’ve missed out on watching them grow so far. hahaha i know that’s weird.

(ps blair and ….another special someone… ;) i am going to do the same when i see footage of your precious little ones!)




ohhhhmygoodness. Bri deserves an award. idk what kind, but she is the epitome of a modern, fun, laid back, practical mom. also she looks like a rockstar 24/7. SO PRETTY. while me and b have realized that we are NOT ready to be parents for a while, living with these three little boys has been such a joy. i love them sooooo so much!





lol…that is Zion. not the best pic to show off his good looks, but it does his personality justice. he is affectionately called, “chunk”. the brother loves to eat.

last but not least there is my MAIN MAN B-moneyyyyyy. or bryson. idk why i give him thug names…..


haha. he continues to be my very best friend on the planet. teaches me a ton. looks after me spiritually. cares for me diligently. acts retarded publicly. i don’t give him enough credit on a regular basis. -my apologies for that babe. you are incredible. and handsome…but you already know that. 

Bryson hit the ground running. and he’s enjoying it! not only has he been developing a regiment and outline of the new student ministry, but he is also refining future curriculum and weekly devo’s for our AWESOME interns. they are very cool and will be featured on another post. in addition, he is trying to stay on top of some seriously intense online Seminary courses. on top of all that, B is learning to manage work (as a LA fitness trainer) along with tending to general ministry-related affairs. there’s a lot that goes into planting a church. even when you have more staff members than church members. lol. Oh! annnnnd he is involved with a local Young Life Club, which is a great way for us to meet and reach students. he is for sure swamped, but i don’t think he would have it any other way….God is definitely opening doors and we are pumped about it.

we went on a date the other night! hanging out with this guy is my FAVORITE.


chillin. in the sun. did you know we have a ton of that here?


date night!



climbing up a nearby mountain/hill….


The Errett’s do something with their kids each day that i remember my dad doing with me. At the end of the day they make a point to ask the boys, “Ok what are your high-lo’s?”

So, the HIGH for us has been getting here. Phoenix is great! So far our experience in AZ has been fantastic. God is faithful to meet all our needs. a month ago we had no idea how we would get here, but we’re here and ready to see what all God is up to.

The LO? Probably different for me and Bryson. i am ready to have a j-o-b. being a wife is awesome but i’m realizing (by watching bri) that having kids takes on a full role. until we have kiddo’s i have a great opportunity and i’m VERY free to do a lot of work. just interested in knowing what that is.

I’ll ask bryson what his lo is bc i dont want to put words in his mouth…TBA.

So that about wraps it up!

Things you can continue to pray for:

  • Life 180 church! pray we keep the main thing the main thing and PREACH the GOODNESS of JESUS! if you sit and think of difficulties that you might encounter trying to plant a church, chances are it’s more difficult that you think, so pray for us concerning those issues.
  • I need a job. i’ve spent the better half of march driving from business to business where they tell me to “apply online”. i had a bite recently…had an interview… and i’m waiting on a call-back…’s a frustrating thing, job searching. although i will take pretty much anything, i have emailed a variety of non-profits in phoenix (with ministries dealing with everything from human trafficking to aiding churches in Africa) and would LOVE to hear back from them.
  • Bryson’s latest request was that God would give him wisdom & discernment. he desires to be a courageous, strong man of God. 
  • We still need financial support.

A HUGE MEGA THANK YOU is in order to all of you who have so generously given to us. We continue to pray for you and want to stay up to date on your lives. thank you for taking the time to catch up on our ISOM life. if you would like to email me or bryson you can email:


your words are always welcomed!

we love you guys! hope to update you with more on what Jesus is teaching us individually and together, but it has been so long since i’ve posted i thought we would just cover the latest happenings.

In Him,


Road Trip!!!!

Well the time has finally come. In other words its game time!

Marlee and I are gearing up to head to Arizona. The clock is ticking, the water has broke and this baby is way overdue. As of today, Marlee and I have roughly 10-12days left in the great state of Texas. We are bidding our fair wells, packing our bags, kissing our loved ones and hitting the road, headed for some cactus.

With that said we want to thank you, all of you who are supporting us financially and fighting for us in prayer. We owe a great debt to all of you who are partnering with us in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the state of Arizona.

So for now we leave you with a word of thanksgiving. May Paul’s holy and inspired words to the Philippians express what our mere words cannot. From our heart to yours. Be blessed.
Much Love,
~ The Isoms

In the words of the apostle Paul……. I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. It is right for me to feel this way about you all, because I hold you in my heart, for you are all partakers with me of grace, both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the gospel. For God is my witness, how I yearn for you all with the affection of Christ Jesus. And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.

Question. Answer.


Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I look forward to this post being used as a tool to hopefully remind us all of the goodness of the Lord and appreciate His uniqueness as God and also His uniqueness as Beautiful.

You will quickly notice that Bryson and I have acutely different writing styles. In most respects, I will write as if you and i are having a conversation and Bryson will write as one addressing a multitude. These among many differences create for an interesting duo, let me be the first to say. But by the amazing grace of God, perhaps we may with combined efforts reach a variety of persons and point them toward a God who Himself is different, distinguished, and indeed beautiful.

My communication with most everyone for the past 4 months has consisted of two conversation-initiating questions:

From Sept.-Nov.:

"Are you excited for the wedding?"

From Nov.- Dec.:

"How is the married life?"

Those are appropriate questions. I find myself asking very similar questions to new brides, expecting parents, or prospective graduates. There is a lot of anticipation awaiting those types of events, and as redundant and routine as those questions tend to be, there are two main motives behind asking them. One motive comes from a pure lack of anything else to talk about. But the other is from a place in us that genuinely wants to know how this event is unrolling for the other party. Worst case scenario is that it is miserable, unbearable, not ideal, or difficult. Best case scenario is that it is better than expected, mountain top, perfect. 

So I have decided to go ahead and tastefully supply you with the answer to the question you would first ask me if we were really discussing my new life over coffee or lunch.

How is the married life?


Fact: I am completely bereft of the right word. The right word would combine a sense of freedom, fun, difficulty, testing, and beauty. The funny thing is, SO many people have asked me and my reply is always awkward and different and unfulfilling even to me as I walk away.

The following are real life examples of back to back responses to the same question:

"We’ve had alot of fun!"

"So far it’s hard….but good!"

"Different than I expected..uh…but it’s really fun!"


what? Marlee are you serious? What the heck are you getting at?

I’ve never been one to leave a small talk conversation with an accurate picture of what is really happening. Not because I’m lying. It’s just that some people are better than others at giving a clear, very real, and sufficient answer in a super concise way. Actually I think my husband is one of those ppl. i need an entire blog… or at least thirty minutes. how do i talk about something that is so deep and involved and awesome and sacred to me in just a few short sentences? there is too much going on for me to be pleasant and trite!

So, the word i chose is: Holy. Reason’s why: Holy means set apart. Holy is beautiful. Holy is pure. Holiness in regards to difficulty is steadfastness and remaining righteous through trials. And holy depending on the desire of your heart defines freedom and fun and pleasure.

In truth, God alone is Holy. As one who has been shown His beauty, I know and can testify to the fact that only He is good and righteous and pure and unwavering through hardship and set apart from anyone that has ever been. He never disappoints Himself and ultimately will not disappoint His people who call on Him. King David wrote psalms and songs about God being the DELIGHT of His heart and the source of His heart’s pleasure and desire.

He is different.

The only way my marriage with Bryson can be holy is if it is hidden in Christ. I am by no means anything close to holy on my own and neither is my husband although He is dangerously handsome. Because God loves us, He has made me and Bryson His ( and therefore made us Holy) through Christ. So Bam. The married life is : Holy.

because this is already long and I am needing to get away with the Lord for Him to continue revealing to me and teaching me what He will for this post, I am going to leave you hanging for pt. two to be published. later. 

i love you and i thank you sincerely for taking interest what the Lord is doing in our lives! stay tuned for the sequel. im excited!



Sick Free

Finally the Flu is OVER Praise God. So basically this last week was pretty rough (as in I never want to smell or take pepto/maalox EVER again) but Marlee was a pro in caring for me and making fun of me in my harrowing plight. (apparently a sick husband moaning in the fetal position is hilarious ok jk she didnt completely mock me nor did she get pleasure from my pain but potty problems “can be funny sometimes” says my wife. I beg to differ, more to come on this later stay tuned)


Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the blog and staying connected with all that God is doing in our lives. I just wanted to drop in a quick post via prayer request. Again Thanks to all of you who have been supporting us and praying for us as we have recently entered into the (holy moly) MARRIED LIFE fraternity and continue to learn how to do life together one day at a time (w/o killing each other bahaha). Please Please Please continue to pray for Gods favor in these immediate areas:

3 Things To Pray For….

1. Healthy Marriage

- We are roughly 3 weeks into the newly wed life and we are quickly learning marriage is like working out, good health (aka a great marriage) comes by way of hard work, and proper nourishment. So indeed marriage is an incredible blessing and is maintained and sustained through hard work. Cont. to pray for a Christ-centered God-exalting marriage. Marriage is a ministry so we desire it to be God honoring, God glorifying and fruitful.

2. Wisdom and Revelation

- We are asking for Wisdom and Revelation so that we continue grow in knowledge of Christ.

- We recently have been looking for a local church to get plugged into and serve. We think we have found one that really loves Jesus, teaches the bible, and loves people so thats a plus. We are seeking to continue to grow in faith and Christlikeness and to be honest its been tough to find a rhythm with all the transition lately but now that things are settling down we look to get back into the swing of things, pressing into the Lord and serving the local community.

3. Support

- In short we are still seeking the Lord and trusting in his provision in getting us to Arizona so that we can begin life with the rest of the Life 180 team.

- Continue to pray for generous hearts as we continue to raise support to supply our first 3 years of our family’s income while on staff with Life 180 in Arizona.

Well guys thats all for now…. THANKS AGAIN and stay tuned….



Coming Soon…..

Hey guys so as most of you know and for those that don’t Marlee and I finally tied the knot, enter holy matrimony, or in redneck lingo “we got hitched” as of Sunday November 20th. So needless to say life has been super exciting, and super busy lately. For the time being we want to give you guys a heads up on what to expect in the ensuing months. So here is a rough outline of things coming soon to the everydayfaithplant blog. Check it out and stay tuned. Thanks again to all who are praying on our behalf and supporting us financially as prepare to move to Phoenix AZ in the new year. We couldn’t do it with out you guys. Love you guys.

~B n’ M 

Coming Soon….

-Video Updates

-More Written Post

-Prayer Request


An EXCITING New Project where we will be posting video discussions on things such as: Ministry, Marriage, Moving, and everything between.